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Our History

1960 AAS
1986 BMW
1990 war
1998 LR
2001 MINI
2003 Rolls
2004 AAS
2005 Ahliya
2009 Iraq
2012 Mc Laren
2013 Liqui Moly
2014 DTI
2015 Bodyshop
2016 Oula
2017 Used Cars Showroom
2018 Rove
2019 Geely Shoowroom
2020 HAVAL Showroom
2021 Oogoo
2022 EGYPT


Established in the 1960s as a steel factory specializing in the fabrication of steel sheds and water tanks, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company started its journey towards becoming a leading Kuwaiti shareholding company. With operations in Kuwait, Egypt and Iraq, the company is comprised of a group of businesses specializing in the automotive field, supplying the finest international vehicle brands and services to the market.


Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive acquires the exclusive dealership of BMW Group, the world’s leading premium automobiles manufacturer, and has been strongly associated with the brand ever since. The company has remained as the exclusive importer and dealer of BMW Group in Kuwait for nearly four decades.


With the disastrous events of the Kuwait invasion by Iraq in 1990, and the turbulence and destruction brought on by it, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company, alongside countless others, suffered heavy losses. However, the company managed to weather these events, restore and rebuild its facilities and even expand with more than $280 million invested.


In yet another milestone that helped it position itself as the leading exclusive importer of premium vehicle brands in Kuwait, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive added Land Rover to its portfolio. Through this partnership, the company has made the British brand’s upmarket and luxury sport utility cars, including the legendary Range Rover, available to consumers in Kuwait.


With the tremendous trust and success garnered from the partnership with BMW Group, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive was appointed the authorized distributor of MINI, a subsidiary brand owned by BMW Group. Within the same year, MAKFM Automotive Company was established, positioning itself as a market leader in car leasing services and tailoring its offerings to suit customers’ choices and needs.


In 2003, Rolls-Royce, another BMW Group Subsidiary, found its partner for success in Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive, awarding the company the exclusive importing rights for the British luxury automobile maker in Kuwait.


As part of its investments to expand its business in Kuwait, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive opened a state-of-the-art 3S (sales, service, and spare parts) facility covering 22,500 sqm. The modern facility features split-level showrooms, in-house parking, and fully equipped service centers.


Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company acquired shares in Al Ahlia Heavy Vehicles Selling & Import Company, which in turn received during the same year exclusive dealership rights for MAN, a world-leading German manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, and marine engines offering state-of-the-art transportation solutions to the Kuwaiti market. Within a few years of its establishment, and being the authorized agent for many world-class brands including MAN, Al Ahlia asserted itself as one of the leading trucks and heavy commercial vehicles companies in terms of sales and after-sales services in Kuwait.


In line with its aims to expand its footprint beyond Kuwait by entering new and attractive markets within the MENA region, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company established a presence in Iraq through its subsidiary Ali Alghanim International Company for General Trading, which holds the official import and distribution rights for BMW and MINI brands in that country.


Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive signed exclusive import deals with British luxury automotive manufacturer McLaren Automotives and EXCIDE, one of the world’s best-selling battery brands.

Within the same year, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company acquired land in Abu Fatira to expand into a new 6,000 sq. m. 3S facility.


Further cementing its presence in Kuwait and strengthening its market leadership, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive established its first remote quick service center in partnership with Oula Fuel Company at the latter’s Mishref location to serve nearby residential areas. The company also expanded into the auto parts business when it became the exclusive distributor for Liqui Moly in Kuwait, further expanding its portfolio.


Following the success of the first satellite quick service center in Mishref, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive established two additional quick service centers at Omariya and Messila.

Within the same year, Dawliya Technical Inspection Company, of which Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company is a major shareholder, was founded. Approved and authorized by the General Traffic Department, Dawliya specializes in the technical examination of cars and offers a one-stop shop for renewing car registration cards, conducting vehicle inspections, issuing approved certificates and car insurances.


In an effort to boost its capabilities and enhance its service offerings, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive opened an 8,530 sq. m. stand-alone body shop facility with 77 service bays to cater to its customers. Further building on the success of its quick service centers, the company established additional centers in Qortuba and Mubarak Al Kabeer.


To ensure the presence of the company in more areas allowing better service to its customers we established another Quick Service Center in Khaldiya


Ali Alghanim launched its new 2,450 sq. m. stand-alone used cars showroom on its newly acquired 22,387.5 sq. m. land plot in Shuwaikh. The showroom allows for more than 40 cars to be displayed at once from various brands. In addition, the company expanded its portfolio by boosting its auto parts business and becoming the distributor of some of the leading brands including Livguard, a global battery manufacturer and service provider of world-class energy storage solutions, and NGK, a leading global Japanese company specialized in manufacturing spark plugs.

In another development, Al Ahlia Heavy Vehicles Company became the exclusive agent of Fassi, an Italian manufacturer of lorry cranes based in Bergamo, during the same year.


As Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive and its portfolio of brands grew, the company expanded its network of quick service centers by establishing new facilities at Shuhada, Jahra, and Jabriya, and added Japan’s Sumitomo, one of the world’s most successful tire manufacturers, to its selection of international brands.

Meanwhile, Al Ahlia Heavy Vehicles Company became the exclusive importer and distributor for new brands including Putzmeister, a global leader in the world of construction equipment specializing in concrete pumps; KALMAR, a multinational provider of machinery and cargo handling solutions to terminals and ports; and Baoli, a leading German material handling manufacturer.

That same year, Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company set out to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry in Kuwait with the launch of Rove, which offers luxury cars and professional drivers and provides safe and reliable rides all over the country around the clock.


Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive added Geely, the most advanced and best-selling automobile manufacturer in China, to its portfolio and inaugurated a state-of-the-art 3S facility for the brand in Kuwait.


MAKFM Automotive Company became the authorized importer and distributor of Great Wall Motors and Haval in Kuwait, two of the most prominent companies in China for selling family SUVs and pickups.

During the same year, Al Ahlia Heavy Vehicles Company acquired the exclusive import and distributor rights for Hyundai Construction Equipment, an industry leader in the field of engineering and manufacturing construction equipment

Meanwhile, Alghanim Group Motery General Trading Company, in which Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company holds a major stake, was awarded the exclusive distributorship of some of the best Chinese tire brands such as RoadStone and Kinforest. The company also owns and operates a chain of ‘Garagee’ workshops that provides on-location car services as well as at home car maintenance services.


Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive further expanded their network with new quick service centers in Salmiya, Bayan, and Masayel.

That same year, another company in which Alghanim Sons Automotive Company is a major shareholder, Top Car Technology launched its first application, Ogoo, which specializes in used cars’ evaluation, offering instant competitive values, in addition to buying and selling services.


Another quick service center was launched in Mansouriya, making a total of 13 centers across Kuwait, with the 14th center nearing completion in Abdullah Al-Mubarak. In other news, a new 3S facility for BMW and Geely is under preparation in Jahra to allow the company to be closer to its customers.

In a major milestone in Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company’s regional expansion, Ali Alghanim International Company for General Trading entered into Egypt in Q4 of 2022 under Global Auto a company of the Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company Group with the reopening of the BMW manufacturing plant and new Showrooms. The company holds the official importer rights for BMW and MINI in the new market.

Furthermore Ali Alghanim Sons Automotive Company expanded the BMW brand in Kuwait by opening its third showroom in Al Jahra coupled with a dedicated MINI and BMW service center.